You’re Welcome Podcast w/ Coree Spencer. Episode 7. Guests: Philip Schallberger and Shawn Robbins (extremely late). Co-Host: Bill Coladonato.

[Topics Include: Technical Difficulties, Drinking, Walk the Plank, Mom, Winter Formal, Bobby Jefferson Davis III, Everything Falls Apart, Drunk, Suki’s, Portland, Youngsters, Bobby Two Dicks, Mustache, Madlibs, Shrieking, Time Capsule, Anal, Breaking Up, Snob Theater, Stickers]


Episode 4 with Kristee Ono and Kaseem Bentley. Guest Host Bill Coladonato.


*Note: Due to FCC Free Radio publishing conventions, and Tumblr limitations, the in-blog player will not be Episode 4. Please click the hard link to listen to the show.


Quitting, Car Troubles, Asians, Rape Town, Dental Plans, Hygienic Nuts, Escape from Dick Mountain, an awesome game of Madlibs, Ladies’ Room, Gown Night, Wendy’s Girl, Car Flipping, Tarot Card Readings, After Hours by. The Velvet Underground

A song about cats in the styling of “After Hours” by. The Velvet Underground (via Science of Sleep)