Podcast: Blaria Podcast w/ Phoebe Robinson. Guest: Solomon Georgio (Fresno Native). Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

Holla, #TeamBlaria! Hope y’all had a great weekend! Right now, I’m at MTV, working on Girl Code, so I’ll have to keep this shorter than a Vine video, which is a bummer because I wish I had time to go on and on about today’s guest: Solomon Georgio. He’s a very talented West Coast comic who was in NYC last week and popped over to my crib to chat with me when he wasn’t doing a show. He’s phenoms and charming and modelesque. In this episode, Sols talks about the wonders of Grindr, growing up on the West Coast, race issues like colorism, and throws shade at my boo Leonardo DiCaprio. This is seriously one of my fav interviews yet, so get into it!! Love you. Mean it. BYE!

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Holla, holla! Here’s the latest epi of the Blaria Podcast. Today, I’m chatting with Emily Heller, who since moving to NYC a year and a half ago has really had her career taken off. She performed on the New Face showcase at the Montreal Comedy Festival, made her stand up debut on Comedy Central’s John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, and is currently the warmup comic for Totally Biased. And if that’s not all, she has a web series coming out on Above Average last on this year. Not too shabby, huh? Anyway, she’s a busy person, so I was happy that she had the time to sit down with me and chat about a multitude of things including our love of VH1′s Behind the Music, comedy, and other fun things. Hope you dig it. Enjoy!


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Podcast: Blaria Podcast w/ Phoebe Robinson. Episode 2. Guest: Ali Wong. Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

In this episode, I catch up with one of my oldest comedy buddies (we met two months after I started stand up), Ali Wong and we discuss interracial dating, comedians, going blue, and her exciting year last year in which she was on “The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno,” the Oliver Stone movie “Savages,” and “Are You There, Chelsea.”

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[Very insight girl talk.]