San Francisco Representatives @ Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival 2013. Oswalt (SF90s) by Christopher Nelson. Drucker (SF10s), Maron (SF90s), and Camin (Native) by Morgan Keuler. (via facebook/bumbershootfestival)

Comedian on Comedian w/ Coree Spencer featuring Eddie Pepitone. 

[Pepitone is in SF @ Snob Theater on 3/9]

Exclusive: Shawn Robbins (Kata Rokkar) Interviews Marc Maron w/ Eddie Pepitone @ Bumbershoot 2010.

[A quaint mini-interview with San Francisco’s Shawn Robbins and two comedian luminaries. This interview has been in the archives for a while and previously posted (and subsequently lost), none-the-less I’m proud and thankful to post this comedy snapshot.]