Josh Androsky “Bambi” Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at The San Francisco Punchline

Josh Androsky won the audience suggestion round of November’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at the Punchline in San Francisco. The crowd suggested Bambi, and Josh had to write a completely original piece backstage in well under an hour. 

Jesse Elias @ Nerdmelt/Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction by Kelly Rose

Podcast: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. Round 1 (Bruce McCulloch, Moshe Kasher (Native), Emily Heller (Native), and Jesse Elias (Native)). Hosted by Bryan Cook. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Round one with Bruce McCulloch, Moshe Kasher, Emily Heller, and Jesse Elias. Recorded Aug 10, 2013 at the Outside Lands Fest in San Francisco.

Podcast: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. Round 1 (Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, And Natasha Muse). Hosted by Bryan Cook. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Round one with Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, and Natasha Muse. Recorded at Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA June 6, 2013.

Courting Barbary: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction [8 Days Left]

[Everything is shaping up with a little more than a week until Outside Lands. Line-ups have been announced, tickets are gone, beer is being put into canisters. It is now perfectly clear that on August 10th, at 1:30pm, the most egregious depravity shall be on display in the form of the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. The concept is thusly: one group of comedians are given a random prompt culled from audience suggestion, which could be anything from Smurfs to the New Testament, and are given time to write a grossly hedonistic adaptation of the source material. While their writing, another group performs a pre-written piece of seminal sementality. Audience votes, the second group performs, audience votes, laughter abounds, and winners are crowned. What makes CEFF a crazy, unique spectacle is that nuclear-hot creativity is rendered dormant by the show’s end. The once-in-a-lifetime, guttural musings live only in the hearts of their primary beholder (or perhaps, podcast listeners). Nevertheless, it’s amazing to imagine such filth so early in the day. Cheers]

6/6. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus Ave. SF. 8pm. $15. Featuring Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, Jules Posner, Caitlin Gill, Ivan Hernandez, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, Kevin O’Shea, Sean Keane and Natasha Muse. Tickets Available: Here


Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction - Feb 2012 - Derek Sheen

After performing to a capacity crowd at the Punchline in January, Bryan Cook’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, returns to SF. The event features 10 comics, writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based upon their whims or audience suggestions.

The lineup includes special guest Baron Vaughn (LA) as well as San Francisco favorites Nato Green, Jules Posner, Caitlin Gill, Ivan Hernandez, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, Kevin O’Shea, Sean Keane and Natasha Muse.

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction was originally founded in Seattle, and is now held monthly at the Nerdist Theater in Los Angeles, CA. It has been featured as part of the Noise for the Needy Festival (Seattle) Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland) Riot LA (Los Angeles) SF Sketchfest, and will be at the upcoming Just For Laughs fest (Chicago.) A podcast culled from the live show is debuting in 2013.

Laughspin.Com called CEFF “…One of my favorite comedy shows I’ve ever taken in. Period.”

[There’s so many things that make this show a no-brainer to go to. For starters, it has assembled some of the greatest perspectives/voices of the Bay Area’s comedy community: everyone is coming with a very skilled, very defined style. Secondly, I don’t know the outcome of January’s Sketchfest shows but LAST YEAR, two amazing champions were crowned with David Gborie and Sean Keane (whom will do battle at this event). Thirdly, the absurdity of so much filth is extremely cathartic. Fourthly, just fucking go.]

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction: David Gborie (8/15/2012)

Last night, I spent an evening at the Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, CA, for the most recent edition of Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. A star-studded line-up of comedians wrote absurdly sexual tales with subjects as divergent as Don Quixote and Alf. Congratulations to winners Solomon Georgio (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Heather Thompson (Alf). Special shout-outs to former Bay Boys, Chris Thayer (Breaking Bad) and Bobcat Goldthwait (Green Eggs and Ham), as well as the litany of talent on display. In celebration, by permission, I present to you another winner, David Gborie, culled from a CEFF show in August at the Hemlock Tavern. NSFW. Enjoy. 

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