Favorite Things of Last Night: Comedy Day Selections from DNA

Carlos Alazraqui by Dan Dion #365ComedianPortriats

Carlos Alazraqui by Dan Dion #365ComedianPortriats

Bay Area Natives abound during Set List at NerdMelt Showroom. Carlos Alazraqui, Laurie Kilmartin, and Bob Rubin finding the funny, riffing for their life. 

Carlos Alazraqui (Bay Native) on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

[This gentleman murdered me last night.]

WTF Podcast w/ Marc Maron featuring Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui, of Rocko’s Modern Life and Reno 911, grew up in Concord, CA. He also beat out Marc Maron and Patton Oswalt in the San Francisco Comedy Competition, a fact he regrets to this day. Terrific voice actor, that in this episode of WTF discusses the socio-economic impact on dialects, rage, race, and sky diving. (Note: Other things also discussed).

Carlos Alazraqui @ Comedy Day 2010 (From Concord, CA, On Reno 911 and the voice of Rocko… We should all be bigger fans of this guy)