"My comedy comes from a dark place… my asshole. There’s a fun house mirror down there, and a clown juggling."

— Charlie Ballard [Paraphrased]

"I hate karma"

— Charlie Ballard after falling down whilst performing mockery. 



An hour of spliced-up live comedy hosted by Mike Spiegelman at Layover Comedy Night, Tuesdays @ the Layover in Oakland. Comedians Charlie Ballard, Joe Gleckler, Jason Downs, Sammy Franco, OJ Patterson, Emily Heller, Will Ratblood, Abbey Jordan, and headliner Jesse Elias: Bringing The Funny Time And Time Again.

Then there’s forty minutes of oddnick tunes…

This was a good night.

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"I’d rather eat shit and die on stage than do old, repetitive material"

— Charlie Ballad “F*g Comedian”

Charlie Ballard Live! Trailer. Presented by Sylvan Productions. 

Charlie Ballard as Sandwich

(Cameos by. Max Neal, OJ Patterson. Camera by. Darrien Black)

TONIGHT 9/4 - Alternative Comedy for Alternative People

The Rainbow Stand Up Comedy Show featuring Aundre the Wonder Woman. 446 E 12th St. Oakland, CA. 8 PM. $10. 21+Up. (Also featuring Ricky Luna, Casey Ley, Kat Bryson, Karen Ripley, and Charlie Ballard)

The Front Row @ The Dark Room. 2263 Mission St. San Francisco, CA. 7:30 PM. $7. BYOB (Also featuring: Donny Divanian & Jesse Elias) 

Event: Charlie Ballard Live DVD Taping @ Dark Room Theater

Dark Room Theater
2263 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Doors open at 7:30pm
Showtime @ 8pm 
10$ Cover
18 & Over

Advance Tickets:


For Immediate Release:
Charlie Ballard *contact*

Charlie Ballard Live @ The Dark Room Theater 
August 12th, 2010 *Thursday*
Mature Content

Comedian Charlie Ballard is a San Francisco Native whose made a splash on the national comedy scene. Charlie’s been seen on LOGO, Comedy Central, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and has been featured in publications such as the The Indian Country, Campus Magazine and the Advocate Magazine. Charlie’s wowed audiences from San Francisco to Toronto, Canada with his slapstick, physical and observational humor. Don’t miss out on what is sure to a fantastic evening of fun & stand up comedy!

Charlie Ballard is a really dynamic performer. It’ll be interesting to see if it translates well to DVD. Also I’ve never seen him do 5 minutes. Also featuring Heather Isaacs Royce and possibly Kaseem Bentley. ALSO A SYLVAN PRODUCTION. Also, I’ll be there. 

Blog Love + Show: Charlie Ballard

I’ve been meaning to highlight Charlie for a while. A proper entry will be completed eventually. But in light of recent social justice, and a show at the Dark Room, and an awesome conversation about basketball the week before: I present a slice of Ballard.

BLOG LOVE: The Charlie Ballard Blog.

Show: August 12, 2010. Dark Room Theater. Sylvan Productions Present… Charlie Ballard’s DVD taping.

"Are you charming? Are you clever and goofy? Do you have an anecdote? Are you subtle? Can you impress the ladies with your charm? That’s how you should be with the audience."

Charlie Ballard [Paraphrase]