Today on THE FOGELNEST FILES, Jake is joined by CHRIS GETHARD for a special one-on-one conversation about the culture of New York City Public-Access Television, recorded LIVE from SF Sketchfest!

Chris and Jake chat about the early days of public access, why Chris decided to take The Chris Gethard Show to public access, some of Jake’s public access contemporaries, and how Chris might have fractured his leg during the Comedy Central pilot taping of The Chris Gethard Show.

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I love both these guys and this is great.


Crowd-surfing @SFSketchfest (photo by @jweirose) for the #tcgs Winter Olympics. I won this event.


Crowd-surfing @SFSketchfest (photo by @jweirose) for the #tcgs Winter Olympics. I won this event.

Courting Sketchfest: The Chris Gethard Show [28 Days Left]

[Grassroots and infectiously cult, TCGS has becoming a raging redwood from a hapless sapling. It’s won kudos from all over, has created an alarmingly loyal fan base, and is being courted by Comedy Central. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen at the Eureka Theater on February 8th but i know San Francisco will be game to get weird.]

Courting Sketchfest Countdown: 3rd Annual Sketchfest Dozen @ San Francisco Punch Line [23 Days Left]

The Sketchfest Dozen, a rousing stand-up cluster housed in the hallowed San Francisco Punch Line, is again presenting premier performers at peak interest, intrigue, or tipping point. Most of this year’s participants are visiting from foreign metropolises, rising fast, on the tip tastemaker’s tongues, emerging as the faces of fresh. Others are veritable veterans, unflinching and poised to break through their career’s next level. All of them are extending their talents to the benefit of the Bay Area, as members of an elite band of new headliners collected at a fair and honest juncture.