Sketch Saturday: “Teenage Obsession” by Killing My Lobster. 

Sketch Saturday: “Compliment Battle!” by Killing My Lobster

Even pleasantries can get out of hand.

Directed by Eriq Wities
Concept by Victor Solomon
Produced by Damon Brennen and Chris Parisi
Edited by Dan Hirons
Music by David Sophia-Siegel and Jonathan Kepke

Director of Photography: Jessica Fisher
1st AC: Luke Goodman
2nd AC: Sierra Haworth
Grip: Dakota Smith
Sound: Chris Parisi
1st AD: Jacob Kornbluth
PA: Njon Weinroth

Featuring: Sarah Mitchell, Emily Morrison, Ally Johnson and Danny Webber

Extras: Ariel Sugar, Thomas McCormick, Tom Stewart, Lissa Lehmann, Sobrina Vigil, Rebecca Pantazes, Susanna Basanty, RJ Adams, Scot Free, Elizabeth Devries and Karl Arana

[Scot Free!]

Sketch Saturday: Twilight Zone San Francisco: “Why Is Everybody Here?: by Killing My Lobster

Written and Produced by Damon Brennen
Directed by Damon Brennen and Chris Parisi
Shot by Chris Parisi and Jeremy Veverka
Edited by Jeremy Veverka
Featuring: Danny Webber, Millie DeBenedet, Stephen Kalmakis, Ken Grobe, Allison Page, Hafsa Malik, Brian Allen, Miriam Wild-Smith, Andy Sciamanna, Paco Romane and Wylie Herman.

Killing My Lobster presents: The Phone

Directed by Chris Parisi
Produced by Damon Brennen

Director of Photography: Eric Herron
Production Assistant: David Bourke

Starring: Andy Alabran, Stephen Kalmakis, Allison Page, Todd Brotze, Ken Grobe, Paco Romane and Millie DeBenedet.

Voiceover by Calum Grant