Jesse Elias by. Amber Gregory

Jesse Elias by. Amber Gregory

David Hawkins as Luna by. Amber Gregory

David Hawkins as Luna by. Amber Gregory

9/8. Sailor Moon Tribute (SHOW/OFF) @ Club 93. SF. $3. 10 PM. Feat David Hawkins, Kazumi Kusano, Jesse Elias and tons of Burlesque .

[Tuxedo Mask with a Flask. SOMA Comedy personified]

Kevin O'Shea & Audience in: Quarter Circle Forward

  • Kevin O'Shea: When I say Street Fighter 2. You say championship edition!... STREET FIGHTER 2!
"Everybody gets a golden shower!"

— Kittie Von Tittie (Kat Bryson) @ Club 93

Comedy Theme Song: “Hey!” by. The Pixies

[You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a performance of erotica to this song. Shout out to Ginger Skyye]

Comedy Theme Song: The Wonder Years Theme (performed by Joe Cocker)

[If you masturbate to this song. You are weird.]

Favorite Things of Last Night:

"Carousel" by. Circus Contraption.

[I saw the lovely Lavender Simone dance to this intriguing composition at the Kat House @ Club 93. A very beautiful display.]

MondayComedyNews (9/5/2011)

Kat House (Comedy/Burlesque) @ Club 93. 93 9th St. SF. $5. 10 PM. Feat OJ (me), Kevin O’Shea, Melanie O’Brien, Keith D, Cameron Vannini and more. Hosted by Kittie Von Tittie. More Information: Here. (Photo by. Amber Gregory)

50 Mason Secret Society @ 50 Mason Social Club. SF. Free. 10 PM. Featuring Joe Tobin, Caitlin Gill, Chris Thayer, Bucky Sinister, Matt Morales and Julian Vance.

The Buzz Open Mic and Comedy Show @ Mama Buzz Cafe. 2318 Telegraph Ave. Oakland. 7:30.

Deco Open Mic. 510 Larkin. SF. 7-9 PM. Contact DecoFunnyMondays at gmail dot com for bookings. [Boomshakala!]

 Nick’s Crispy Taco/The Rouge Open Mic with Travis Curry and Paul Brumbaugh. 1500 Broadway. SF. Sign Ups: 9:00. Show: 9:30. Free [but buy some tacos].

Club Deluxe. 1511 Haight St. SF. 9:00 PM. $5. [Nor Cal Comedy Competition]

Nutty Monday’s Open Mic and Showcase @ The Stony Inn. 1320 Del Paso Blvd. 7:30 pm. Sacramento. Hosted by: Tristan Johnson.

Queenie TT by. Amber Gregory

Queenie TT by. Amber Gregory