Interview: Neal Brennan (SF Punch Line Tonight!)

Neal Brennan is a comedian, director, writer most noted for co-creating
Chappelle Show with Dave Chappelle. Brennan’s body of work also includes co-writing the movie Half Baked, directing the movie “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard”, and most recently a podcast entitled “The Champs” with DJ Dougpound and Oakland’s own (and Courting Comedy favorite) Moshe Kasher. Neal Brennan will be at the San Francisco Punch Line for one night only; (11/1/2011, 8 PM, $15) and you should definitely attend. An exclusive interview after the jump.


Courting Comedy: You’ve recently launched “The Champs” podcast with Moshe Kasher and DJ Dougpound. What’s your favorite aspect of doing the show?

Neal Brennan: My favorite part of the podcast is getting to give listeners/white people access to conversations with black dudes that they would otherwise never get to have or hear. I’m lucky that I have a lot of black friends who are legitimately interesting to talk to.  And I’m also happy to show how funny a guy like Blake Griffin is in the right environment.

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The Champs featuring Neil Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Dougpound. Episode 8. Robert Townsend. Download Link: Here.

[Swiftly becoming one of my favorite comedy podcast (in part because I’ve never heard any of their guests in a podcast before). As a fan of Meteor Man and Up, Up, and Away it’s a honor to hear Robert Townsend use swear words.]

The Champs featuring Neil Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Dougpound. Episode 1. Jerrod Carmichael. Download Link: Here.

[This goof troop of comedic entities features a very cool mixture of radio deconstruction, absurdly offensive riffing and clumsy maneuvering through the Caverns of Political Correctness. All in all, the show is in good fun and sincerity. Favorite Quote This Episode: “This Ain’t Tuesday Muthafucka!”]

[Art by Anita Drieseberg]