I went up at the Punch Line Sunday Showcase for the second time last night and I felt like Dock Ellis. I wasn’t on LSD but I was quite inebriated. I’m glad it turned out well but hope to never find myself in that situation again. Cheers.

Shroomates. 9/11. Featuring Greg Edwards and Vladimir Khylnin

Paul F. Tompkins @ The Purple Onion

[Cookies! This makes me as happy as watching a Kia commercial]

9/9-11. Garfunkle and Oates @CobbsComedyClub . 915 Columbus Ave. SF. $20. More Info: Here. [These ladies are the best].

Keith Lowell Jensen

Ngaio Bealum. Hempfest.

Miles K details a recent multi-layered trip. Think Albert Hofmann, except substituting bikes with beaches, friends and dogs. Crystallizing Sample Text!: 

There’s a strong resemblance between people and their pets. Most people get pets because they want a smaller, stupider version of themselves.

Paul F. Tompkins @ The Purple Onion

Moshe Kasher