NEW Elevator to: Space! Make sure to watch it all the way to the end. It’s my favorite episode so far! 

Elevator 2 Space Episode 40. 

Chris Garcia’s Season’s Promotions. 

(This is funny. Made funnier by drugs. Made even funnier by a knowledge of Rooftop Comedy’s drug policies. Made funniest by a knowledge of Rooftop Comedy’s CD catalog.

1: Knock knock.

2: Who’s there?

1: Kevin Camia’s birthday.

2: Kevin Camia’s birthday who?

1: You’re a hack.

2: I know.


I did mushrooms for the first time in my life last night. My buddy Nicole was there and tweeted some of my more interesting quotes of the night.

  1. I’m gonna Fuck lady gaga #gormanshroomtown
  2. What if this overtakes christianity! #gormanshroomtown #kittykattheory

The Life and Life of Joe Gorman

(Source: joegorman)

Annotated: Justin Harrison

I don’t eat chicken, I eat turkey!

-Justin Harrison

Justin has highlighted the drug-free propaganda in light of his own substance abuse problems. And he wonders why more attention wasn’t paid to keeping fat kids off of chicken nugget. Here are the sources of these observations.

Marijuana PSA


Junkie Future PSA