Favorite Things of Last Night: Ellis Rodriguez

[Extremely talented writer and natural performer. He’s a star in the making that commits, scraps and captivates whether at the Improv OR at Dorsey’s Locker]

"Without beautiful transgendered women I wouldn’t have beautiful shoes. Without gay men I would have a date to prom."

Caitlin Gill on being tall @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

"I used to love the song "No Scrubs" by TLC, until I grew up and met all of the qualifications…Yeah, I live with my parents, but I’m saving this money for us."

Johan Miranda @ The Knockout Open Mic [Paraphrased]

"Pro Tip" by Farah Haidari. Filmed Live at the Purple Onion. 

"Getting out a long-term relationship is the closest thing a human can get to coming out of the Disney Vault."

Kevin O’Shea @ The Knockout Open Mic [Paraprhase]

"A lot of people want America to be a theocracy but I for one don’t believe Malcolm Jamal Warner is fit to rule."

– Erik Charles Nielson @ cyniccave/Lost Weekend Video [Paraphrase]

"If you have to DARE your kids to not do drugs, maybe you’re not adequately prepared to be a parent."

Raum Dee @ Amnesia Open Mic [Paraphrase]

Courting Riot: Favorite Things of Last Night: Jenny Zigrino

[It’s hard to not be a jaded piece of shit these days. The world is crumbling from being tossed around like imminently-broken glass toys in the hands of the rich and powerful. Every beautiful day has an ominous, invisible cloud of anxiety and dread. Sometimes you don’t want to wake up because dreams are the only relief from this world that’s getting closer, and closer to how the Gorillaz sound. But sometimes, you go to the Five Star Bar in Downtown LA as a part of the RIOT LA Comedy Festival, sit down and find yourself floating down a river of elation. Watching Jenny Zigrino, in a supremely sweet and smart-alecky performance, was inspiring, beguiling and serene. I am changed and will hold the torch for the young comedian for rest of my days.] 

"SparkNotes is when you wanted to read a book but skip it at the same time because you didn’t trust the movie."

Adrian McNair @ Ivy Room Open Mic [Paraphrase]

Bay2LA: Favorite Things of Last Night: Sean Donnelly @ The Lexington/RiotLA

[I’m finally back to solid ground after a windswept mini-vacation in Southern California. Among all the many sights, hugs and puppy kisses, I’ve witnessed a drowning quaff of stand-up, podcasts and musical comedy at the RiotLA Alternative Comedy Festival. Sean Donnelly is a definite festie-bestie, rising from obscurity to revelation in one set’s time. This clip is a indicator of his talent: an unstoppable wit chugging through the crowd like a bull turning lemons into a mass trampling. Sean Donnelly is officially on the dope list.]