Wednesday Comedy News: 7/20/2011

Gastalt Comedy Showcase. 3159 16th St. SF. 9 PM. No Cover. Hosted by Joe Gorman and David Cairns. [Good food and drink available as well.]

W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery @punchlinesf . 444 Battery St. SF. 8 PM. $15. Featuring Janine Brito.

Sylvan Productions Open-Mic @ Dirty Trix. 408 Clement St. SF. 9 PM.

Blue Room @ The Stud. 9th & Harrison St. 9 PM. Free. [Word on the street is that a documentary camera crew will be filming this night. Quick, somebody call Sweet Gale!]

Ladies Night at the Brainwash. Hosted by Kristee Ono. Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8ish. 

The Business @ Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission Street. $5. 8 PM. Featuring Chris Garcia, Bucky Sinister & Guests: Greg Edwards and Paco Romane

No Alex? No Sean? No problem! The Business welcomes two exciting guests from near and far to hold down the fort with Chris and Bucky this week. From Los Angeles, we welcome San Francisco expatriate Greg Edwards, and from just a few blocks away in the Mission, we welcome Paco Romane.

Greg Edwards is a native of Virginia who cut his comedy teeth in the Bay. Now he’s brought his one-liners, handsome good looks, and southern charm to Los Angeles, but makes a triumphant return to the Business this week. Paco Romane is a comedian and actor, a member of the sketch group Killing My Lobster, and the producer of The Romane Event, a monthly comedy showcase at the Make-Out Room.

As always, the show is just five dollars and burrito-eating is tolerated - nay, encouraged!

Wednesday Night Comedy @ Masses Sports Bar and Grill. 2721 North Main St. Walnut Creek. 9 PM. 21+. No Cover. Featuring Headliner Greg Asdourian, Ellery Urquhart, Butch Escobar, Dave DeLuca. Hosted by David Studebaker.

"I guess that how you teach your children about love. Teach them bestiality and hope they grow out of it."

— Cory Loykasek explaining how Disney is a poor tool to educate children on romance [Paraphrased]

"I would suck dick to cure cancer, but it wouldn’t work"

— Cory Loykasek

Look at it shinning like a diamond

Juan “The Comedian” Medina reflecting on his Clipper Card/wealth

Look at it shinning like a diamond

Juan “The Comedian” Medina reflecting on his Clipper Card/wealth

"Inside spoon, outside spoon, I don’t give a fuck!"

— David Cairns voicing his love for spooning. 

Comedy Theme Song: Duck Tales Theme

[When crowd is tough, go to Duck Tales]