New Segment: Jabari B(ooks) Davis

[We are proud to present a new collaboration with comedian Jabari Baraka Davis. In addition to being a successful comedy businessman with anecdotes of cultured thuggery, Jabari Davis is an avid reader. Davis has agreed to provide insight to his literature tastes and thoughts in weekly installments… It’s like Reading Rainbow with more swag. Enjoy:]

" One of my favorite books coming up, was "Great Expectations," by Charles Dickens. Story of a young man, going from ashy to classy, through the help a few influential people. It was sort of a fantasy for me, an experience I yearned for in my own life. It wasn’t until I found myself in a Penthouse over looking the Bay, that I realized, I was no longer Jabari Davis. I had become Pip. Only difference between Dickens version, and my life, is that I’m actually fucking Miss Havisham. “

-Jabari B. Davis