Featuring Kelly Anneken (“Whacking WIth the Stars”), Isa Hopkins (“Reclaiming the Beautiful Swan”), Ivan Hernandez (“A Fuckable Promethus”), Colleen Watson ("Bank Robbery Stuns Sesame Street”), and OJ Patterson (“Breaking from the Blerd”).

The monthly humor journal makes it rain humorous articles focused on the almighty dollar. Personal favorite: Dropping A Dime. (Who doesn’t like Dashell Hammett homages?)

This bona fide issue is provided to you quid pro quo.  Please contact Velda Sue about our abandonment option if you plan to read any other online humor journals.  Don’t forget to ask about our cum dividends!

Invest in artwork at a loss and pay through the nose for our poetry and prose.  “Forgotten Feminist Heroes” sheds light on a pioneer of female fiscal independence, “Creative Shack” documents a writer’s descent into the treacherous terrain of customer service, and “FILTH, Inc.” looks into the lives of America’s financial executives.  “No Comment” details our managing editor’s creation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and “Smack Talk of the Town” blows the so-called “coffin-bubble” wide open.

In an effort to boost our cash asset ratios, regular feature “The John Pavon Zone” will now be joined by Hobo Jungle refugees “Ask Papa Ratzi” and “Obits…From the Future!”

Clean your skirts, puke it out, and caveat the subscriptor–Hobo Pancakes!

"Blog" is a bit of a misnomer in this case. Hobo Pancakes is more of an online journal with articles and art based on a monthly theme. This month’s theme is "Adolescence".

Hobo Pancakes is one year old!  That’s the onset of puberty, in online absurdist literary journal years.  Even though we’re breaking out, stuffing our training bras and trying to hide our braces, we’ve still managed to put together a youthful mix of sophomoric stories, puerile poems and awkward art.

The lovely and talented team of Kelly Anneken and Isa Hopkins are the editors of this web publication so a high quality comedic product is to be expected.