12/11. Holiday Heathens! @ Punch Line San Francisco. 444 Battery St. SF. 8PM. $15. Featuring Keith Lowell Jensen, Conor Kellicutt, Jason Wheeler and Matt Gubser. Tickets Available: Here.

For the third year in a row Keith Lowell Jensen presents Holiday Heathens. The best skeptical comedians celebrating the hell out of the holidays, what more could you ask for?

Meet this year’s Heathens

Keith Lowell Jensen has been performing comedy about skepticism, atheism and religion for a decade, often making stops in small town America to perform for crowds who have never experienced an out and proud atheist in the flesh.

Jensen can be seen on the new season of The History Channel’s “How The States Got Their Shapes” where he dominates in a religious history quiz, competing against a Christian comedian. The comics third album comes out on Stand Up! Records in November 2012 and The Coexist? Comedy Tour Documentary will be coming to screens of various sizes in 2013.

Conor Kellicut has been performing Stand Up Comedy since the 1920’s. A second generation Atheist, Conor has often wondered about where we come from. Conor came from his parents having sex in the old fashion evolutionary way. He has worked with most of the greats, Dave Chappelle, Jake Johansen, Dave Attell, Dana Carvey, Robin williams, and Woody Allen.

Jason Wheeler “I’m not much for self promotion, which explains a lot about my career. My first stand up was in a competition in Cleveland and the host of the competition was Steve Harvey, so that means I’m old. Since then Cobbs, Punchline, yadda yadda. I was an alter boy till I was 16, so yeah, that will scare anyone straight.”

Jesus H. Christ our special guest emcee this year restarted the calendar, turned water into wine, and walked on water. No, not Gallagher, it’s Jesus himself. Please, nobody bring figs to the show. Dude gets bent about figs! (Jesus is being played by the very funny Matt Gubser.)