[A highly personal and pertinent piece of writing, exceptionally captures the contradictions of San Francisco, success, art, and survival. Good job, Eric Barry]  

Courting Sketchfest: Huffington Post’s “A Week at San Francisco Sketchfest” by Tony Bartolone

During my week in San Francisco, there were so many tantalizing events it was hard to decide what to see. The 12th Annual Sf Sketchfest was an ambitious undertaking, featuring 166 shows, lasting three and a half weeks and showcasing some of the best talent performing today. Here is my sample-platter of this year’s SF Sketchfest.

Part I


Part II

All in all, SF Sketchfest 2013 was a great, big grab bag of laughs featuring a variety of memorable events and dynamic performances. There’s nothing quite like live comedy, and SF Sketchfest definitely does it right.

HuffPostSF’s Vanessa Pinto shows some definite love to the formidable Caitlin Gill whilst describing her Willy Wonka (wanking) erotic fan fiction and regular ha-ha-habitats. 

Bay Area’s Guy Branum takes off the “funny cap” to discuss the Chick-Fil-A controversy with the same deftness of his comedy.

Huffington Post’s Vanessa Pinto recently submerged herself in the curiously warm waters of Tourettes Without Regrets. Here is her piece on the plunge.

The Huffington Post’s Aaron Sankin breaks down six great shows to watch at this year’s SF Sketchfest. SF Sketchfest begins tonight! More Information: Here