Courting Sketchfest: “Pandora Jest Talk: SF Sketchfest Comedians Get Pumped Up” hosted by Kelly Anneken. Click Here for the Rest of the Series.

Courting Sketchfest Countdown: 3rd Annual Sketchfest Dozen @ San Francisco Punch Line [23 Days Left]

The Sketchfest Dozen, a rousing stand-up cluster housed in the hallowed San Francisco Punch Line, is again presenting premier performers at peak interest, intrigue, or tipping point. Most of this year’s participants are visiting from foreign metropolises, rising fast, on the tip tastemaker’s tongues, emerging as the faces of fresh. Others are veritable veterans, unflinching and poised to break through their career’s next level. All of them are extending their talents to the benefit of the Bay Area, as members of an elite band of new headliners collected at a fair and honest juncture.

Exclusive: James Adomian Interview (2/12/2012)

James Adomian is talented beyond your knowledge and/or opinion. If you’ve never heard of him, you lose. If you’ve seen him on Last Comic Standing, you lose. If you’ve heard him on Comedy Bang Bang (nee Death Ray), you lose. If you’ve seen him on stage or screen, you lose. There is no polite way to inform you that you have missed out on a genuinely great comic mind. All that can be said is: catch up. One way to catch up is seeing him this Tuesday, at the Milk Bar, performing at the fiercely independent “Eric Show w/ Eric Barry”. Below is an exclusive interview with Mr. Adomian. If you read it, and fail to attend his rare appearance in the Bay Area this Tuesday, you lose.

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