"Insomnia" by Jason Downs. Album: Excessive Talking. Year: 2014. Recorded Live at the San Francisco Punch Line. Publisher: RooftopComedy

[I’m digging this album by Jason Downs. He’s real, red-blooded and accented well written asides inside his solid storytelling. For all the featured flavors of SF weirdness, this community produces some of the best salt of the earth, brick wall, universally funny comedy.]

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Jason Downs by Leo Hochberg

Jason Downs by Leo Hochberg



An hour of spliced-up live comedy hosted by Mike Spiegelman at Layover Comedy Night, Tuesdays @ the Layover in Oakland. Comedians Charlie Ballard, Joe Gleckler, Jason Downs, Sammy Franco, OJ Patterson, Emily Heller, Will Ratblood, Abbey Jordan, and headliner Jesse Elias: Bringing The Funny Time And Time Again.

Then there’s forty minutes of oddnick tunes…

This was a good night.

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Julian’s Big Pick Up. (via Sean Keane's Facebook)

Jason Downs