Barbary Countdown: Julie Klausner Interviews The Lonely Island (Natives) [20 Days Left]

[Julie Klausner brings her cabaret show to Outside Lands to provide SF with a fierce, femme-y assault. Biting, intelligent and hilarious, we cannot wait for the wonder that her Cabaret Situation should assuredly deliver. Julie is the girl in eighth grade with spot-on commentary and major laughs that we desperately wish we were friends with. Let’s hope to hear the writer, comedian and podcaster belt our favorite showtunes (her “Wig in a Box” from Hedwig is a must listen (@12:50)) and banter our pants off. You should go because you most probably need more redhead New Yorkers in your comedy diet.

- Guest written by Melanie Levy] 

Podcast: The Fogelnest Files with Jake Fogelnest. “Episode 40 w/ Julie Klausner, Jon Hendren, Shelby Fero (Native)" Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here. Complementary Youtube Playlist: Here

Get ready for a raucous good time as Jake welcomes Julie Klausner, Jon Hendren, and Shelby Fero to a live edition of the Fogelnest Files! Recorded at the UCB theatre, Jake and his guests dive into Rick Dees and his disco duck, the sensual music of Peter Lemongello, and a man in a diaper gluing himself to a chair. That last one really happened! Shelby offends everyone with her youth, Jon and Jake discuss their twitter rivalry, and then they all talk about “The Game” and the pickup artist community. Remember, a bonus Fogelnest Files episode about Vine on Tuesday AND a live Video Podcast Network episode streaming Thursday at 9pm EST / 6pm PST on