Vladimir Khlynin by. Kat Bryson @ Snob Theater.

Vladimir Khlynin by. Kat Bryson @ Snob Theater.

Last Post About Halloween.

It’s odd how much I like Halloween considering I don’t really celebrate it. None the less some things really made me smile big time a few weeks ago. For instance:

A Poison Ivy that smokes weed. (IRONY)

The funny thing about this costume is I suggested to Kat but didn’t see it in person. I’m glad it came out awesome but I missed my opportunity to nerd out with Kat Bryson. 

Chicken Gill! I love high concept comedy with committment and Caitlin provided that ten-fold. 7 minutes of jokes sunny side up. (Photo by. Ameen Belbahri)

Miles has always impressed but my favorite part of his act is his characters. One such character debuted at the Punchline on Halloween night. 

Kat Bryson molesting the Purple Onion sign. First time funzies. Photo by Kat’s Mom.

Kat Bryson molesting the Purple Onion sign. First time funzies. Photo by Kat’s Mom.

Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up (10/6/2010)

Round 2 Of McGrath’s Comedy Competition. 1539 Lincoln Ave. 10 PM. (I’m hosting this, I think. I never know what I’m doing. Come watch a fierce battle though.)

Madrone Art Bar Showcase. 500 Divisidero. 7:00 PM. Featuring Conrad Roth, Kat Bryson, David Cairns, Katie Compa, James Fluty, Mimi Vilmenay, Coree Spencer and Jules Posner.  (Monthly showcase featuring a lot of my friends. They’re my friends because they’re talented. Go watched talented people).

Stud Open Mic. 9th and Harrison. Sign Ups: 8:30. Show: 9:00 PM. Bring bread (that place could use some bread).

Ladies Night Open Mic @ The Brain Wash. 7th and Folsom. Hosted by Kristee Ono (unless it’s not). Sign Ups: 7:30. Show: 8:00.

Walk the Plank Competition. Night 4. 8 PM. Wharf Room. Castagnola’s. 286 Jefferson St. SF. (I have my money on Kevin Munroe and Sam Davidoff, they’re great, but it’s a competition so anybody can bring more friends and advance.)


This week, the Mission District’s longest-running comedy show welcomes actor, comedian, Irish Whiskey enthusiast Conor Kellicutt. A long time staple in the San Francisco comedy scene, Conor got his start at the legendary Holy City Zoo and has since opened for Kevin Avery, W. Kamau Bell, and Kevin Hancock.

We’ve also got all four original Businessmen- Chris Garcia, Sean Keane, Alex Koll, and Bucky Sinister. 5 performers. 5 bucks. Let’s do this!

Gown Night @ the Brainwash by. Brain King.

Gown Night @ the Brainwash by. Brain King.

TONIGHT 9/4 - Alternative Comedy for Alternative People

The Rainbow Stand Up Comedy Show featuring Aundre the Wonder Woman. 446 E 12th St. Oakland, CA. 8 PM. $10. 21+Up. (Also featuring Ricky Luna, Casey Ley, Kat Bryson, Karen Ripley, and Charlie Ballard)

The Front Row @ The Dark Room. 2263 Mission St. San Francisco, CA. 7:30 PM. $7. BYOB (Also featuring: Donny Divanian & Jesse Elias)