All photos by Shawn Robbins and/or Coree Spencer

Room Review: Tin Reverbating Comedy (McGrath’s Pub)

Alameda (“Didn’t they shoot episodes of Scooby Doo here?” – Roman Leo)

Alameda has an interesting place in the Bay Area balance. Not quite Oakland, not quite Berkeley, not quite Orinda, not quite Richmond, it’s a rustic island of wood, steel, glass and street lights. With its well kept patios and eclectic collection of white people (and minorities who keep it real), Alameda is deceptive. What could this ghost-naval-island-town offer to the world at large besides a franchise of La Pinata, a community college, two adjacent dance studios, and creepy dilapidated buildings? Well, on Wednesday nights at McGrath’s Pub, the East Bay middle child offers comedy.

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Favorite Things of Last Night: (9/1/2010)

Keon Kobra discussing his frustrations with goth women. “I’m not going to help you with your rape fantasy unless I get a little affection”

Joey “Johnny” Nitro talking about Jesus’ lost years: “Jesus, man that guy could put up some great dry wall”.