@natogreen and @wkamaubell on the @WTFpod with @marcmaron to plug and raise money for the Laughter Against the Machine tour. Donate here: http://kck.st/mVy4kv

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Margaret Cho wants you to donate to our Kickstarter campaign too! Here’s her adorable video.


Our documentary is about the ultimate irony, a stand-up comedian who can’t actually stand.  After contracting viral encephalitis out of the blue, Drew Pult was left paralyzed from the waist down.  With his entire world turned upside down, he decided to make light of a bad situation and get started on the comedy circuit.

Help out a great idea. 9 Days to contribute. 


Trying to make this short film with some very funny friends, including Baron Vaughn, Margaret Cho, W. Kamau Bell, David Alan Grier, Rachel True, and Prodigal Sunn from the Wu Tang Clan.

Check out the link above and watch me, DAG and Margaret Cho talk about making “Thugs, The Musical”.

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A pledge for Thugs The Musical is a Pledge for Baron Vaughn. Support the arts, it’s about time that you did.