"Solid 9" by Karen Kilgariff (Native). Album: Live at the Bootleg. Year: 2013. aspecialthing records

[“Please be quiet” kills me every. single. time.]

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Product Review: Karen Kilgariff Live at the Bootleg


Ravenesque, moonish, moody, glowing eyes with wolfish glint, a lady in black brandishing wit and guitar pick (corresponding with a guitar that, admittedly, isn’t living up to its potential). Karen Kilgariff is the coolest folk hero of the almost-analogue, post-comedy boom collapse era. She came into prominence in the 1990s, starting out in Sacramento, then San Francisco, then introduced (widely) on the seminal Mr. Show. She’s since matched might with Mary Lynn Rajskub as Girl Guitar Club, wrote for the Ellen DeGeneres Show and twisted on the tips of tastemakers’ tongues. 

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[Karen Kilgariff, the crown jewel of Petaluma and your favorite comic’s favorite virtuoso, was recently on indietastic Daytrotter. It’s a proprietary music service (and so good that it’s hard to abstain) BUT, they have a free trial which you should use to listen to Karen’s session. Afterwards, you can let the membership die like a baby bird. Aw, poor bird. Karen Kilgariff’s album "Live at the Bootleg" comes out soon, but not soon enough! Check out a sample below.]


Karen Kilgariff (Native) has an album coming out on February 25!  Available through ASpecialThing records on orange vinyl, or iTunes music store

While u wait, enjoy Karen on a recent How Was Your Week episode

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