Barbary Countdown: Julie Klausner Interviews The Lonely Island (Natives) [20 Days Left]

[Julie Klausner brings her cabaret show to Outside Lands to provide SF with a fierce, femme-y assault. Biting, intelligent and hilarious, we cannot wait for the wonder that her Cabaret Situation should assuredly deliver. Julie is the girl in eighth grade with spot-on commentary and major laughs that we desperately wish we were friends with. Let’s hope to hear the writer, comedian and podcaster belt our favorite showtunes (her “Wig in a Box” from Hedwig is a must listen (@12:50)) and banter our pants off. You should go because you most probably need more redhead New Yorkers in your comedy diet.

- Guest written by Melanie Levy] 

"The Compliments (feat. Too $hort) by The Lonely Island. Album: The Wack Album. Year: 2013. 

[This is HUGE! The Lonely Island has silently — and not so silently — repped the Bay, their home, during their tenure as pop phenomenonS. But you can’t get more Bay Area than the legendary Too $hort. $hort’s story is a bedtime tale for anybody who grew up in/around the 925(10) — listen to this interview for a definitive telling — and it’s a historic (Bay Rap/Frap) collaboration on this track.]

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Dick in a Box (ft. Justin Timberlake) - The Lonely Island.

You get to unwrap one present early.

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