Sketch Saturday: “The Nut Wrangler” by Louis Katz. Featuring Kris Tinkle and Joe Nunez.

[Not Safe For Sketch Saturday. Explicit.]

Elevator to Space: Episode 27 (Naysayer)

[Subtle Stubble]

Sketch Saturday: “Moving Back In” by. Louis Katz featuring Brent Weinbach

"Hippie Roommate, featuring "Dave Meowthews" by. Louis Katz. Directed by pomp&clout


Comedy Central Presents Louis Katz

[With so many jokes about vegans you’d think they were the oppressed. But comedy is for the underdogs so you thought wrong]

Comedy Central Presents Louis Katz

Antithesis Radio x Louis Katz.

[Jesse Castro Jr. and Drew Pult curmudgeonly converse about sports cars, disabilities, and Bay Area Comedy. In the middle of the show, Jesse interviews Louis Katz about his new album “If These Balls Could Talk”, his Comedy Central Presents special, Elevator to Space, and the trajectory of his career. If they weren’t assholes their logo wouldn’t have a ring piece.]

Retro: Twisted Biscuit - Where Are They Now? Featuring (in some capacity): Kirk Papas, Sal Calanni, Alex Koll, Matt Morales, Miguel Fierro, Edwin Li, Brent Weinbach, Louis Katz, Will Franken, and Robert Selander

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NEW Elevator to: Space! Make sure to watch it all the way to the end. It’s my favorite episode so far! 

Elevator 2 Space Episode 40. 


NEW: Elevator To Space - Episode 39 - the Concert.

A Mega-Rockstar stops by to perform a special concert for the Elenauts… well most of them.

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[What a universal band concept.]