Totally Biased: Louis Katz (#SF00) Calls Out OkCupid. 

Totally Biased: Louis Katz’s New Commandments


Product Review: If These Balls Could Talk

Whooping applause welcomes Louis Katz, comedian/director/person, to the crowning of his album recording; a hot, Sacramento crowd. Such love isn’t something to squander, oh no, as Katz returns the sentiment with immediate self-deprecation, the kind characterized by skyward chin, erect spine and a flaccid penis hanging through a gaping, open fly.

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"Marching Band" by Louis Katz. Album: If These Balls Could Talk. Recorded Live @ Sacramento Punch Line. Year: 2011. 

The Sal and Angelo Podcast Episode 89 w/ Louis Katz. Download Link: Here

Sal sits down with the Bay Area’s own Louie Katz.  Louie began performing comedy in SF, went to UC Berkeley where he inspired others, moved to L.A., made some awesome sketch videos, and now resides in New York hussling and grinding.  Plus they discuss the business side, and how to stand out for the industry.  Last year Katz’s Comedy Central Presents special debuted and he released a comedy album, “If These Balls Could Talk”.

"Thanks to Tony Sparks for all the stage time. I still follow the basic tenets of stand up you laid out for me after that very first open mic in the Tenderloin."

— Louis Katz liner notes for "If These Balls Could Talk"

3/13&14. Louis Katz @ San Francisco Punch Line. 444 Battery St. $15. 8PM. Tickets Available: Here

Louis Katz (SF00s), Greg Behrendt (SF90s) and Alex Koll (SF00s) by Morgan Murphy

Louis Katz (SF00s), Greg Behrendt (SF90s) and Alex Koll (SF00s) by Morgan Murphy

Sketch Saturday: Elevator to Space Episode 26: Spiritualized. Featuring Louis Katz, Sean Keane, Alex Koll, and Chris Garcia.