REPOST: Naia + Sketchfest ‘10

On December 3rd I unwittingly celebrated my first year in stand-up. That day was the first time I did an open microphone in Berkeley with Rich Dreyling, Mell Miller, Stuart Thompson and Miles K (all lovely people). Sure, it took me two more months to start going out more regularly and get involved in the scene, but the experience stands out as an awesome introduction into what I do now with such earnest. I wrote about it: Here.

Also, with Sketchfest ‘11 on the horizon I’m reminded of last year where John Gilkey, Alec-Jones Trujillo, Donny Divanian and Laura Ferrari made the best of my setbacks at the Dark Room Theater. That story is available: Here.

Naia: A Birth (Journal)

As one chases his or her dreams, when do they finally become. Is one an illustrator with the first, rough childhood doodle or perhaps in high school or in college or with the first piece sold? Is a little kid dribbling between the legs as much of a basketball player as Lebron or Kobe? Are we defined in our accomplishments or our trials?

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