From the Vault: Superhipster

Back in April I started writing a bunch of puns based on hipsters/superheroes/nerds. Cleverly named “superhipster”, the concept went far considering my nerdom has been faltering and my hipster knowledge is pretty basic:

The Death-Strokes

Wonder Man: Simon Williamsburg

Street Figther: Julian Casablanka

Skrullcandy headphones

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeerks

Batmans for Lashes

Bright Eyed Lizard: Doctor Curt Connor Oberst

Grant Morrissey

Cletus Kasady: Street Carnage

Collab with David Wiswell: The Incredible Sulk, Ray Banner

From David Wiswell : Batman’s nemesis: the Coker

From Monica Ekabutr: Rogue’s Wave

From Dave Thomason: Captain America Apparel

Street Fighter: Arguile socks

Collaborated with Jerrod Hazelwood: Yo La Tengo Go Power Rangers

The Skinny Jeans Grey

From Christopher Slater: The silversun surfer pickups

500 Days of Scott Summers

Buffy the Vampire Weekend

The Joanna New Avengers

DC on the Radio

From David Wiswell: Wonder (if he’s a) Woman

The xx-Men

the Tokyo Police Hellfire Club

the Bombay Bicycle Hellfire Club

The JLA= Just Leaked Album

Adam Wes Anderson

from Dave Wiswell: The Silver Bike Messenger

Dark Phoenix: If I Ever Kill Billions (reference:

From Jesse McGrath: Andy WARhol Machine

Gauche Rider (Flaming Fixed Gear, Gold Chains, Leather, “Pretentious Stare”)

From comedian David Wiswell: Iron-y Man

With great cat power comes great responsibility

Pabst Blue Beetle

Art: Werewolf Birthday Cake

I have some artsy pals. So from time to time I will “commission” them to do a piece based on a joke from a comedian based in the San Francisco/Bay Area area.

You put a werewolf in my birthday and then you screamed SURPRISE!

-DJ Real

The following art provided by Monica Ekabutr, artist and comedian based out of Arizona (don’t worry, totally not racist). Song inspiring joke down below. 


Check out Monica and DJ Real. This is fun!