After nearly three years, a hundred lists, innumerable bumped comedians, and a few celebrity drop ins, the Dirty Trix Open Mic officially ends

[Photos by: Post, Gomes, me, Gomes, and Holmgren]

Hannibal Buress and Myron the Moron


Last night, international comedy superstar Hannibal Buress got his Robin Williams on, dropping in to chill with the peons at the infamous Dirty Trix Saloon Open Mic. The Hann-Man got a lot of attention (understandably), but while eyes were on him, his eyes was on Myron the Moron, a character so foul that he’s been banned from Dirty Trix before (which is seemingly impossible from this observer’s experience). It’s safe to say the Eric Andre Show star was captivated:


Welcome to San Francisco comedy in 2014: going to hell in a Hann-basket. 

[photos and video by andrew_holmgren, hannibalburess and Andrew Holmgren’s Facebook respectively]