Bay Area Comedy Wrap-Up (11/9/2010)

Rockit Room Open Mic. 406 Clement St. SF. 7:30-10 PM. Free 99. (Apparently they also have WiFi).

SYLVAN OPEN IMPROV. 7:30 PM. Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. Free.99 (Last week featured a heavy stand-up comedy focus, the week before that featured video games. You never know what spectacular activities the Sylvan kids are up to but it’s always fun.)

Blue Room @ Club 93 (on 9th St.). 10-12 P.M. 21+. SF. Hosted by David Hawkins. Featuring Chris Schiappacasse, Jesse Elias, Jenn Dronsky, Ricky Luna and Justin Scales (This is one of the best line-ups I’ve seen on a showcase format; I absolutely adore every act involved. In addition to extremely capable, far-reaching comedy, it’s happening in the hottest spot in the scene at the moment).

Funny Tuesdays @ Harvey’s. 500 Castro St. SF. 9 PM. $5. Featuring (Sk)Ills Goldbarg, Ronn Vigh, Heather Thomson and Brendan Lynch. (The range of performers is excessively impressive. I’m rooting iLLs as she continues her comedy adventure.)

Wharf Room Comedy Showcase. Castagnola’s. 286 Jefferson St. SF. 8 PM. $5. Featuring Coree Spencer, Colleen Watson, Duat Mai, Max Curry, Ben Feldman and More. (Duat has really been on a tear as of late. Ben just had a gold set at Holly’s. Colleen rarely shakes babies and Coree might just kick you in the chest. )

Layover Comedy. 1517 Franklin. Oakland. 8:30. 21+. No Cover. Hosted by Mike Speigelman. Featuring Miles K, Harmon Leo, Trenton Davis, Janine Brito and More. (The talent is thicker than a pot of post-Thanksgiving stew)

Naked Comedy @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus. SF. $9. Featuring Brendan Lynch and Emily Heller. (For my all my North Beach readers)