Podcast: Terrified with Dave Ross. Episode 33: Clare O’Kane (#Native). Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Clare O’Kane is a comedian in Los Angeles and a good friend of Dave’s.  They talk failure, and comedy, and success, and success in comedy and failure in comedy.  They both feel like failures and they are both WRONG.  (Only Clare is wrong.)


"Batkid" by Hasan Minhaj (SF00s). Recorded Live at the Laugh Factory ( thelaughfactory ).

Hasan Minhaj thinks that some loving parents have accidentally created a monster.

"Solid 9" by Karen Kilgariff (Native). Album: Live at the Bootleg. Year: 2013. aspecialthing records

[“Please be quiet” kills me every. single. time.]

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Podcast: Blaria Podcast w/ Phoebe Robinson. Guest: Solomon Georgio (Fresno Native). Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

Holla, #TeamBlaria! Hope y’all had a great weekend! Right now, I’m at MTV, working on Girl Code, so I’ll have to keep this shorter than a Vine video, which is a bummer because I wish I had time to go on and on about today’s guest: Solomon Georgio. He’s a very talented West Coast comic who was in NYC last week and popped over to my crib to chat with me when he wasn’t doing a show. He’s phenoms and charming and modelesque. In this episode, Sols talks about the wonders of Grindr, growing up on the West Coast, race issues like colorism, and throws shade at my boo Leonardo DiCaprio. This is seriously one of my fav interviews yet, so get into it!! Love you. Mean it. BYE!

Twitter: @solomongeorgio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/solomon.georgio

Laurie Kilmartin is an inspiration.


Comedian laurie kilmartin is tweeting about caring for her dying father. It is awesome.

Watch Greg Proops Exquisitely Go Through His “Set List”


A perfected balance of improviser and stand up is found in only a handful of comedic performers and Greg Proops is one of them. That’s why he’s one of the best to ever do improvised stand up on Set List.

Just watch him go through these never before seen topics like he’s just doing his normal act.

[Greg Proops needs something in San Francisco dedicated to his namesake, whether it be somewhere the Dogpatch, the Panhandle, or a pier of some sort. And if it’s on a pier, have the placard say “pierless”, reel talk. 

Getting Doug with High: Geoff Tate, Jacob Sirof (#SF00s), Riki Lindhome, Greg Proops (#Native) & Matt Besser

Product Review: Karen Kilgariff Live at the Bootleg


Ravenesque, moonish, moody, glowing eyes with wolfish glint, a lady in black brandishing wit and guitar pick (corresponding with a guitar that, admittedly, isn’t living up to its potential). Karen Kilgariff is the coolest folk hero of the almost-analogue, post-comedy boom collapse era. She came into prominence in the 1990s, starting out in Sacramento, then San Francisco, then introduced (widely) on the seminal Mr. Show. She’s since matched might with Mary Lynn Rajskub as Girl Guitar Club, wrote for the Ellen DeGeneres Show and twisted on the tips of tastemakers’ tongues. 

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This is what Palo Alto breeds.



Think X with Shelby Fero. I’m currently convincing Mallory Ortberg to retroactively be Shelby’s sister.

I’m a living walking piece of garbage

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