Paul Mooney (Oakland Native, Comedy Legend) Performs Standup on the Arsenio Hall Show

[God… this is weird. I can’t wait to get old enough to be that weird.]

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She’s BACK! Kelly Anneken (@thefatling) LIVE at the Green Gravel Comedy Festival in Toledo IOWA. Yes, Iowa. Kelly gets into American Girl Dolls. SO much. So great. Her website is Up Yours Downstairs (a proletariat celebration of Downton Abbey) Up Yours Downstairs (a proletariat celebration of Downton Abbey)

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Moshe Kasher (Native) @ Whiplash Comedy/UCB Theater by Mindy Tucker. 

Did you always want to be a comedian? No. No, I ah, I still don’t. I’m a little different than other comedians in that way. I’ve never wanted this. I was hoping to be a stripper, and I made some wrong turns.

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"You know you’re in the friend zone when you’re putting a condom on her boyfriend."

— Ashton Tate @ Stork Club/Storking Comedy [Paraphrase]

Favorite Things of Last Night: Ron Chapman and Richard Toomer @ Stork Club. 

Favorite Things of Last Night: Ron Chapman and Richard Toomer @ Stork Club. 

"I’m a nerdy white dude from the Bay Area, of course I’m not married to a white lady. Me and a white lady would be like be like wearing jeans and a jean jacket… It’s too matchy matchy."

Scott Simpson @ Stork Club/Storking Comedy [Paraphrase]

Must See: Dirty Haiku Battle: Caitlin Gill vs. David Gborie. Champion vs. Champion. Filmed at Tourettes Without Regrets ( tourettesregret ) in Oakland. 

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