PCS Podcast w/ Rich Dreyling. Episode 8. W. Kamau Bell. Download Link: Here.

[Topics Discussed: Origins, Chicago Bulls, Comedy Risings, Regions, Celebrity Open-Micers, Political Stigma, Marc Maron, Joke Crafting, Performance “Standards”, W. Kamau Bell, Success, TFNGAC]

PCS Podcast w/ Rich Dreyling. Episode 7. Janine Brito (Part 1).

Subjects include: The tiers of Oakland, The Mid-West, frustrating political situations, Missouri (and Janine’s eclectic origins), comedy, W. Kamau Bell, Zahra, One Person Shows.

PCS Podcast Episode 4: Dave Thomason

(Rich Dreyling interviews comedian Dave Thomason on his comedy background, Berkeley, and a number of other topics [wakka wakka])

In this inaugural show, Rich Dreyling gives an overview of who he is, where he’s been, and what he’s interested in. Gives an interesting perspective on military lifestyle that’s focused more on the people on the ground than the politics that put them there. Also talks a little about comedy [You are reading Courting Comedy]. Full of informative terms, check it out.