Welcome to the Stage Episode 3 [Full]: “Comedy Competitions” featuring Pamela Ames-Radgowski and Janine Brito. Created by Pamela Ames-Radgowski, Loren Risker, and Daniel Jarvis.

[Amazing episode. A ton of cool cameos.]

Welcome To the Stage: Episode 3 Trailer. 5/19 Screening Information/Comedy Show Information: HERE

Welcome To the Stage Episode 2 featuring Marcella Arguello, Dana LoVecchio, Sheila Bryson, Katie Compa and Pamela Ames. Runtime: 27 Minutes.

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Pamela Ames

Steve Pearl Tonight @ Marga’s Funny Mondays @ The Marsh. 7:30 pm. Pay What You Can Show (more information down below). Also featuring MORGAN, Pamela Ames, Victor Torres, Loren Kraut, Robin Higgins, Barbara Garber .

Due to a website malfunction that affected ticketing TONIGHT 1/31/11 it’ PAY WHAT YOU CAN at “Marga’s Funny Monday’s”Got a buck? You’re in luck.Got more?? Come to the door! Come out for a line up of priceless pro comics at a price you can afford.Doors open 7:30 Show starts 8 pm. Marsh Berkeley is located at 2120 Allston Way one block from Downtown Berkeley BART. With Steven Pearl, Marga Gomez & more!
Not available online just come to the door.

Welcome To the Stage Episode 1 featuring Adrian Pelanchar, Dana LoVecchio, Janine Brito, and Pamela Ames.

Welcome to the Stage Full Trailer. Produced by Loren Risker and Pamela Ames.

Welcome To the Stage. Produced by Loren Risker and Pamela Ames.

I found this today. I’ll love this forever. I can’t wait to sink my cavity-ridden teeth into this doozy.