[EVERYBODY’S LOOKING FOR LOVE! While I was witness to this date, I particularly enjoy the disdain for Papp Johnson’s invasive crowd work]

Papp Johnson

Papp Johnson

From the bathroom of the Rite Spot Cafe

From the bathroom of the Rite Spot Cafe

"big nigga in little chinatown chinatown chinatown" by Papp Johnson. Recorded Live at the Great Star Theater in San Francisco. 

Utilizing the art of thoughtful stupidity, Papp discusses personal experiences and offers his revelations on hot-button issues like “the corn on the stick lady.” Footage taken from the #HellaFunny show @ the great star theater in san francisco’s chinatown district. 

[Papp Johnson says my favorite even-keel, completely hyperbolic statements]

4/5. Standup at the Knockout @ 3223 Mission St. Free. 7:30pm. Featuring David Gborie, Matt Lieb, Papp Johnson, Steve Post and Paloma Rosa. Hosted by Richard Toomer.



in this installment I tell you what not to do when ass gets to shakin


"Lessons in Pappiness: #Haters" by Papp Johnson

[Funny. Clever. Papp.]

"Lessons in Pappiness: The Finger Wave" by Papp Johnson


Papptain’s Log 10 - Good Day to Die Hard (SPOILER ALERT)

watch me give my take on one of my favorite movie franchises of all time “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis as off duty NYPD John McClane. yes there is something seriously wrong with me but im sure its entertaining for you, I hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it.
music: Lil Keis “Swag Talk”

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Interview with Papp Johnson


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