Here’s a Small Taste of Patton Oswalt’s Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time


Patton Oswalt (SF90s)'s latest comedy special Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time is coming to Epix on Jan. 17th. It’s been a few years since Finest Hour, which is why we’re excited for this to come out and also wonder the other forms of that comedy equation (i.e. Time Minus Comedy Equals Tragedy, Tragedy Minus Time Plus Comedy Equals Zero, etc. etc.)

For now, just watch this preview on what the state flag of Florida should be.

[The world is always enriched by Patton Oswalt’s brilliance. I’m always late to watching comedy specials but I’m going to make sure to seek this one out.]


The Independent Spirit Awards has had quite the decidedly more bold (and often times more fun) choices for host over the years.

John Waters, Sarah Silverman, Steve Coogan, Joel McHale, Seth Rogen, and more have taken the Spirit Awards stage as the host and we can’t wait to see what Patton Oswalt (SF90s) will do in joining their ranks.

San Francisco Representatives @ Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival 2013. Oswalt (SF90s) by Christopher Nelson. Drucker (SF10s), Maron (SF90s), and Camin (Native) by Morgan Keuler. (via facebook/bumbershootfestival)



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"The Gay Pride Parade" by Patton Oswalt (SF90s). Album: Feelin’ Kinda Patton. Year: 2004. 

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Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt explains the song “The Magic Clap” by The Coup from their new album ‘Sorry To Bother You,’ out now!

[The Coup (Bay Area Natives) meets Patton (#SF90s Resident). Awesome.]

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