Podcast: Proudly Resents “Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Loud”. Featuring Adam Spiegelman. Guests: Bobcat Goldthwait. Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here

Bobcat Goldthwait (“God Bless America”) opens up about his rise to stardom at a young age. His first time on Letterman. His unique choices of movies. Most importantly, his obsession w/ C**k-blocking.

This ain’t your daddy’s interview! Unless I’m your daddy. Then it is. And I’m sorry I wasn’t around more.

[San Francisco legend talks about the making of a San Francisco legend in a pally chat with Adam Spiegelman.]

Podcast: Proudly Resents Episode 14: 1 Netflix Queue. 1 Year. 1 Man. 1 Snappy Headline. Featuring Adam Spiegelman. Guests: Bucky Sinister and Mike Spiegelman. Recorded at the Dark Room Theater. Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

1 year to watch his entire Netflix queue – that’s 500 films, writer, performer, bouncer Bucky Sinister was up for the challenge. Did he make it? What was his favorite and what was his least? What about dating? I don’t know – just listen already.  Comedian Mike Spiegelman joins in the conversation. Mike’s much younger brother Adam Spiegelman hosts. Much, much younger.

Proudly Resents w/ Adam Spiegelman discusses the 1989 film, Traxx and the Dark Room Theater’s production of “Star Wars”. Guests: Mike Spiegelman and Jim Fourniadis. 

Keywords: Belt Buckles, Sociopath, Endangered Children, Chili Con Cookies, Trash Can, Legal Loop Holes, John Williams, Bad Movie Nights