Chris Thayer by Megan Baker 

Chris Thayer by Megan BakerĀ 

"Calm down! You’re gonna pound an UTI into her! Get her some cranberry juice at least!"

— Jules Posner’s advice to angsty teenage finger-popping @ Public House 1793 [Paraphrase]

Ron Funches and OJ in... Racist Dream

  • Ron Funches (surprised): Oh hey, OJ!
  • OJ (in audience): Hey, Ron!
  • Ron: How are you doing?
  • OJ (in audience): I'm doing well. How are you?
  • Ron: I'm good. This is like a racist dream... I don't know many black people.
  • [Paraphrase]
"It’s not hoarding if it’s all water bottles."

— Emily Maya Mills @ Public House 1793 [Paraphrase]