Favorite Things of Last Night: Brendan Lynch vs. Raider Nation

A few days ago, at the San Francisco Punch Line’s Sunday Showcase, I witnessed awe-inspiring set from Brendan Lynch. Sunday Showcases serves “comedy church”, a weekly touchstone and barometer of the scene’s veterans, visitors and neophytes. Most nights are respectable struggle between the audience and the comedians; some fair better than others, some worse. Lynch, lauded for a recent mean-riff-streak, roped the audience into judging him, presenting soft boiled jokes under the guise of entrepreneurship. In classic “heel” fashion, he took their panning personally, spinning the audience’s apathy to golden contempt. Of the many highlights, the performer turned his attention to a group of patrons embolden by the Silver and Black. 

Brendan Lynch: A guy in a Raiders jersey is laughing at ME? My life is going down hill. I should be laughing at YOU. (To Raiders Fan) Did they play today or something?

Raider Guy: No, tomorrow. 

Brendan Lynch: Of course they didn’t play today. You’re not covered in blood.


If this fails to translate Brendan’s sardonic charm, it’s because you have to see him live. Catch this guy if you can, at Sorry About Your Dad and Comedy Day