Favorite Things of Last Night: Comedy Day Selections from DNA

6/12-15. Robert Hawkins @ San Francisco Punch Line. 444 Battery St. SF. Featuring Conor Kellicutt and John RossTicketmaster. Goldstar

[As a comic, I can say Robert Hawkins is one of the most informative, delightful comedians I’ve had the pleasure to watch. A cult-figure with a laundry list of accomplishments, Hawkins is a master of the craft, impossible to condense into a single review, preview, or revue. If you’re a fan of comedy, you’ve got to meet Robert. If you’re a purveyor of comedy, you’ve got to know him.]

"I’m from Miami Florida, we were diverse before it was cool."

— Robert Hawkins @ San Francisco Punch Line [Paraphrase]

2/15-18. Robert Hawkins @ San Francisco Punch Line. 444 Battery St. SF. Featuring Rob Cantrell and Caitlin Gill. More Information: Here.

[Robert Hawkins is a champion. Don’t wait four hours for three minutes at an open mic. Don’t smoke weed all day and write an outline for a sketch. Don’t try to figure out your life at a bar in the Mission. Go see Hawkins, Cantrell and Gill or go ahead and splurge on that lobotomy you were saving up for.]

Comedy Day Countdown: Robert Hawkins [28 Days]

[September 18 marks the return of one of the greats. I’ll be glad when he’s back.]

Robert Hawkins @ The San Francisco Punchline. Wednesday-Saturday. (12/15-12/18). 444 Battery St. San Francisco. $20. Also featuring Larry “Bubbles” Brown, and Joe Nguyen

(On the night of Comedy Day at the Punchline, Ameen Belbahri leans over to me and says “This guy coming up, is the funniest person you’ve never seen”. Boy, Ameen wasn’t kidding. Absolute stomach clinching murder. Go to the Punch this week to see what I mean.) 

Robert Hawkins (Catchy Song)

Robert Hawkins (Weird context for great comedy).

Robert Hawkins on feet. 

Robert Hawkins