Courting Sketchfest; “Chicago, An Alcohol Problem” by the Puterbaugh Sisters. Recorded at Stage Werx in SF. (via rooftopcomedy)

[A true Bay Area holiday tradition]


“Thanksgiving Jam” by Emily Heller.


"Cat Bully" by Nathan Brannon. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

Quick Fix: “Naked Drunk Man Hates Red Light” via RooftopComedy. Hosted by Cameron Edmondson.

Quick Fix: “Lucky Black Dog Avoids Capture” via RooftopComedy. Hosted by Cameron Edmondson.

Courting Sketchfest: “Growing Up Without Barbie” by Katie Compa. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

"Montana Ass Bucket" by Chris Fairbanks. Album: FAIRBANKS!. Year: 2010. Recorded Live at the San Francisco Punch Line. (via RooftopComedy)

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Courting Sketchfest: “Fun Game We Play” by Joselyn Hughes. Recorded Live at Stage Werx.

Courting Sketchfest: “Creative Control” by Anthony DeVito. Recorded Live at Stage Werx.

Holy Fuck Day: "Anthony Rivera" by Brent WeinbachAlbum Available Now.


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