"How to Stop Swearing" by Priya Prasad. via rooftopcomedy

[One of the most technically sound bits I know. Love it!]

"Lost on a Gambler" by Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. Album: Cut From A Different Fur. Year: 2014. Rooftop Comedy ( rooftopcomedy )

[I love this recording. A very intimate setting for such a silly group. Just a bunch of weirdos, cobbled together in a recording studio in San Francisco. And yes, that’s my distinctive laugh.]

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Courting Sketchfest; “Chicago, An Alcohol Problem” by the Puterbaugh Sisters. Recorded at Stage Werx in SF. (via rooftopcomedy)

[A true Bay Area holiday tradition]


“Thanksgiving Jam” by Emily Heller.

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Courting Sketchfest: “More of A Dog Person” by Joselyn Hughes. Recorded Live at Stage Werx

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Courting Sketchfest: “Getting Recognized” by Jeff Wattenhofer. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

Courting Sketchfest: “Verizon Commercial” by JC Coccoli. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

"Cat Bully" by Nathan Brannon. Recorded Live at Stage Werx. (via RooftopComedy)

Quick Fix: “Shrimp Accusation Leads to Ninja Sword Fight” via RooftopComedy. Hosted by Cameron Edmondson.