Podcast: WTF w/ Marc Maron. Episode 459. Featuring Andy Samberg. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.

Andy Samberg (Native) says he’ll probably be most remembered for “D*** in a Box,” and that’s okay by him. Marc talks with the former SNL cast member to find out about the other things he’ll be remembered for, including his Lonely Island collaborations, his films and his new television show. Plus, Andy tells Marc why pro-wrestling is responsible for his devotion to SNL

[This really cleared up a lot of Lonely Island lore, as well as a delightful porthole into Andy’s goofiness. Good talk.]

"D*ck In A Box" by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg (Native) and Justin Timberlake

#SF80s. Written by Megh Wright


Chelsea Peretti Is Guest Writing On SNL!


Dick in a Box (ft. Justin Timberlake) - The Lonely Island.

You get to unwrap one present early.

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Megh Wright writes as a succinct feature on the career of Bay Area’s prodigal prodigy, Dana Carvey, focusing heavily on his involvement with the monolithic Saturday Night Live. 

"Lazy Sunday" by The Lonely Island. Album: Incredibad. Year: 2008. 

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Great Day by The Lonely Island

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Before Ivan Hernandez arrived in the Bay Area, he audition for a certain sketch comedy show. (Featuring: Jazz inserts and Post Production humor)