Sal and Angelo Podcast: Episode 42 w/ Bill Burr (Tuck Rule, “Scottie Pippen”, Entertainment Business for Dummies, Angry First Impressions, Kevin Hart, Scary Paparazzi and stand-up complications) 

Sal and Angelo Podcast: Episode 17 w/ Shawn Robbins (Sal’s ADDistain for arthouse, Donny Darko, Goodfellas vs. Godfather, Avatar, Star Wars and other flicks, films and movies. )

Sal and Angelo: Episode 30 (Doug Benson)

(Sorry, no Angelo. Subjects include: Walnut Creek as a Gateway Drug, Why Prop 19 Should Have Went Through, Doug’s Career, Red Eye, Canadian Egg on Your Face, Star Wars Logic)

Sal and Angelo Podcast: Episode 32 (Gogol Bordello, Boob Signing, and questionable moves to Los Angeles)

Sal and Angelo Podcast Episode 1.

A conversational podcast with two Bay Area-residing Italian stand-up comedians (say that three times fast). Funny guys with really good voices for “radio”. Sal has magically funny tonality. Anyway, their inaugural episode deals primarily with rock bands, football and weird family stories. Available for download: here.