San Francisco’s alternative paper of record was nice enough to give me a “Goldie” - the Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award - which is almost as nice as when Laughspin said they had “never heard of me” last month.

Honestly it is a very nice profile by George McIntire, and I hope I don’t come off looking like too much of an asshole, either in my quotes or my photo. (There were some test shots where I was shirtless under my suit jacket, standing in a tunnel… I don’t want to talk about it.) It’s also a paper that I would read voraciously when I was younger - I don’t think I ever felt cooler than flipping through the Bay Guardian at Blondie’s Pizza after buying used CDs at Rasputin’s. Cheap Eats! Tom Tomorrow! Frightening but intriguing ads for escort services!

Anyway, this is really a testament to all the talented and hilarious people I get to work with all the time (Chris, Alex, Bucky, Caitlin, Anna, Joey, Kevin, Nato, Emily, etc.), all the comics who have helped me out over the years (Moshe, Louis, Ali, Sheng, etc.), and everyone who comes to shows, particularly The Business. And as Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner would both attest, it is an honor just to be featured in The Guardian.

[Congrats, Sean! Making us proud, nicest around.]

Congratulations to SFBG’s 2013 Best of the Bay’s Best Comedian, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan. You can catch her this Thursday at Storking Comedy with guest host Richard Toomer.

Courting Sketchest: “IT’S HAPPENING!”


Comedy harvest has unloaded it’s sweet produce on San Francisco yet again in the season of SFSketchfest. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably heard of it. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably involved with it. There isn’t enough time for this lowly publication to supply further superlatives — warranted or not — because the train has already left the station.

Take the time to read some steller previews from Robert Avila at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Peter Hartlaub of SFGate, Nate Waggoner’s Six Must-See Under-the-Radar Events at SF Sketchest (via SF Weekly), Serial Optimist’s SF Sketchfest Preview by Deborah Thomasian, "Top 10 Picks For Sketchfest" by The Bold Italic’s Madeline Janning, The 4th Annual "A Nerd’s Guide to SF Sketchfest" by Dakin Hardwick (Spinning Platters), and Erika Milvy’s write-up at the East Bay Express.

look forward relaying the maelstrom of delight to you over these next few weeks.

- OJ

[Photo via @SFSketchfest]

San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Nicole Gluckstern writes a damn good article on her experiences with Mission music, including a description of the latest rollicking, full-house iteration of Hand to Mouth.

(Source: handtomouthcomedy)