News from the South Bay: Paddy’s 2/11/2011

Bryce Druzin by. Imran G

Molly Sokhom about the 2/11 show at Paddy’s:

Another successful night with standup comedy at Paddy’s Coffee House in Union City!…This is the one place where comics don’t have to feel the pressure of getting things perfect and the fact that it’s a coffee shop, rather than the typical bar or lounge makes it for a relaxing environment…There was a nice size audience of thirty…a diverse crowd with families, couples, and teens of all ethnicities. Even an ARMY man in uniform, the center of attention that night was laughing until his face hurt.

The next show is March 11 where there will be new comics and a great audience. Come out!

Somebody sketched the comics. Josef Anolin’s in the top left, Travis Irvine is next to him, Mark Zhang is below Travis. Chase Perdue, Phil Mazo and Roman Leo are left to right in the middle. Seth Lazear next to Bryce next to… (could be Molly or Shanti, I’m not playing the guessing game on this one). LOOK! FEMININE FINGER!

Special Thanks to Imran G.