Sketch Saturday: “Imaginary Radio: Gross Fart Pranks” by DJ REAL and Drennon Davis.

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Sketch Saturday: “Ratchet Love Me (Lil Wayne - Love Me Parody)” by Willie Dynamite (Will Hatcher). 

Sketch Saturday: “Kate & Joe Just Want to Have Sex: Phone Sex” with Joe Starr (SF00s) and Kate Hackett

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Sketch Saturday: “Remote Control” by Killing My Lobster.

Sketch Saturday: “Imaginary Vacation” by The Dress Up Gang featuring Cory Loykasek and Donny Divanian. Directed by Robb Boardman. 

Sketch Saturday: “Margaret Cho (Native) Takes Over” 

Sketch Saturday: “Totally Biased: Sesame Street Blues” featuring W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery

Sketch Saturday: “Smirnoff Ice Intervention” by ACoupleofN3rds. Featuring Adam McLaughlin, Ken Townsend, Casey Grim, Joe Gorman and Ryan Cronin. 

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Sketch Saturday: “Pretty Gruesome” by Killing My Lobster

Sketch Saturday: “Men Friends” by Dress Up Gang. Featuring Donny Divanian and Cory Loykasek. Directed by Robb Boardman