Courting Sketchfest Countdown: “2013 SF Sketchfest Trailer” (aka, the Maelstrom). [34 Days Left]

[When spoken aloud, the line-up for this year’s Sketchfest sounds like a mad plot by the Joker to release organic SmileX]

Courting Sketchfest Countdown: ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete Reunion’ @ The Marines’ Memorial Theater. [37 Days]

[Nothing is better than nostalgia and the 1990s was rife with little nuggets of inspired weirdness (that made it okay to be a weird kid). Pete and Pete were the cathartic surragates for my own sibling rivalries and immature idiosyncrasies and it’s exciting to warp back, if only for a second]. 


Comedy Bureau readership,

There is a big announcement about SF Sketchfest 2013 that’s coming up this Friday, but we’re sworn to secrecy by the binding agreement of a press release to not say anything else. That being said, we have read that press release and it’ll be some damn fine news if you…

Courting Sketchfest: “Game Time” by JC Coccoli (via RooftopComedy)

Paul F. Tompkins via Comedy Death Ray. Recorded Live at Cobb’s Comedy Club for SF Sketchfest (2007). 

(Source: Spotify)

Courting Sketchfest: “Coming Out to Parents” by Cory Loykasek (via Rooftop Comedy)

Courting Sketchfest: “Act More Gay!” by Casey Ley. (Via Rooftop Comedy

Courting Sketchfest: “Kidnapping the Elderly” by Miles K

Courting Sketchfest: Kevin Pollak by Liezl Estipona

Courting Sketchfest: Kevin Pollak by Liezl Estipona

Courting Sketchfest: Marc Maron by Ameen Belbahri 

Courting Sketchfest: Marc Maron by Ameen Belbahri